100 Things not worth Repeating

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100 things not worth repeating: on repetition
Edited by Marianne Holm Hansen
LemonMelon 2011 

In 2007, and in response to a situation where repetition of the same task was beginning to seem pointless, artist Marianne Holm Hansen initiated the project '100 things not worth repeating', an online public survey with the specific aim of collecting-to-share examples of when repetition proves futile. As survey responses where received, conversations regarding repetition in general, and the usefulness of assuming repetition as a method for progression in particular, took place.

100 things not worth repeating: on repetition is the result of the survey and subsequent discussions. It presents 100 selected responses* to the survey alongside essays, texts and artworks that employs, explores and considers Repetition from within diverse disciplines; including contributions from David Berridge, Marina Grznic, Rupert Hartley, Juliet Haysom, Roni Horn, Barbara Johnstone, Joan Jonas, James Morris, Jonathan Ree, Fred Scharmen, Mike Solomon, Sue Tompkins, Jill Townsley and Lucy Wilson.

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