Diagrams for Seriality

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Diagrams for Seriality 
Neil Chapman
Copy Press

Diagrams for Seriality is a book of unforgettable images and strange characters. Here the reader is thrown into a world where expectations of series and sequence are turned inside out; this story creates a narrative of haunting and mysterious affect.

‘A startling meditation on the relation of seeing to saying, the possibility and impossibility of communication, and the very business of making and writing – Diagrams for Seriality is a work of fictioning in which set pieces and scenes, a cast of bodies and conceptual personae and a singular prose style produce a book that demands to be reread.’  Simon O’Sullivan

Neil Chapman is an artist and writer whose work explores visuality, textual practices and collaborative methods. His exhibitions and performances includeBarricade Writing (2012 with David Stent), The Execution of Kurt Steiner(2011 with Carl Lindh & Ola Ståhl). He is the author of Glossolaris (2010) and contributor to Deleuze and Contemporary Art (2010).

Published May 2014
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